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Our Story

Est. June 2020
Dallas, Texas
Desera Moore - Owner and Founder
Leah Yates - Baker and Operations Manager



BAKED in Dallas was founded in June of 2020 by Baker and Cake Decorator, Desera Moore. After the COVID-19 pandemic lead to the closure of the Dallas bakery where she worked, Dez decided to launch a new, local dessert bakery so that she could continue to serve her customers and friends. Here at BAKED we are happy to be bringing your favorite desserts to your doorstep with local delivery and express shipping.

BAKED in Dallas was founded with the idea that birthdays, holidays and Fridays should always be celebrated, whether big or small. And as long as we're celebrating togetherness at a distance, BAKED is here to make sure there is always dessert.


Desera is proud to be Dallas born and raised. Owning her own bakery has been her dream since she got her first job working in one at age fifteen. After graduating from Dallas' El Centro Institute of Food and Hospitality with a degree in Bakery and Pastry plus a certification in Culinary Arts, she returned to the field as a Professional Decorator and Head Baker at several notable high-end bakeries, cake shops and restaurants. She has been baking for family, friends and happy customers for over fifteen years and she is happy to be getting back to her passion in the city she loves.



Leah is a Texas transplant from the state of Georgia. She’s been working as a sales woman in the medical field but since the global pandemic, she’s been kneading her way into baking!

Leah has been cooking with her dad since she was little so she feels at home in the kitchen and recently a new interest in baking has been sparked! Leah loves a challenge and is excited to partner with Baked in Dallas! 


We are thrilled just to be able to serve our customers again. However, our goal is to have a storefront where our customers can come in and choose a dessert from the case any time! We are hoping to open BAKED in Dallas Bakery and Coffee Shop by 2022. We are new to entrepreneurship and we are open to any ideas that may help us get there! We appreciate all of the love and support we have received from the community so far and we are so happy to be baking for you again!

OUR STORY: Meet the Team
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